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Hershey 204 Neufypoo Service Dog Dogology NW


I’m available! Select me as your Service Dog for Level 10 and above. I’m temperament tested for Autism, PTSD, Psychiatric, Mobility, or Therapy. My price is determined by the intensity of training you will need me to have.

I’m an F1 Newfypoo, and will be approximately 85-95 lbs. Please call 509-844-6467, and we can discuss my special task options. I can’t wait to Serve you!

Artie goldendoodle service dog autism esa


SOLD SERVICE DOG – I’m now serving a very deserving family in Mendota Heights, MN.

Breed: F1B Goldendoodle, 60ish lb when adult, AKC parent

pria standard poodle service dog


SOLD SERVICE DOG – I’m lovingly serving my new owner in Renton, WA.

Standard Poodle, OFA AKC, 50ish lb adult

guinness 204 neufypoo service dog


SOLD SERVICE DOG – I’m providing great care and service to my new family in Olympia, WA.

Breed: F1 Newfypoo, 85+ lb adult, AKC parents

max neufypoo service dog ptsd autism esa dog


SOLD SERVICE DOG – I’m serving a very special boy and his family in Ashland, OR.

Breed:  F1 Newfypoo 90 lb adult

Titan goldendoodle service dog


SOLD SERVICE DOG – I am doing amazing serving my new family in Kirkland, WA.

Breed: F1 Goldendoodle will be 80ish lb adult.

Polly Goldendoodle service dog candidate spokane dogology nw


SOLD SERVICE DOG – I’m taking very good care of my new family in Dallas, TX.

Breed: F1 Goldendoodle will be 65ish lb adult size

Cody 304 Goldendoodle Service Dog


SOLD – I’m bringing so much joy to my new family in Bellevue, WA.

Breed: F1b Mini Goldendoodle, will be 20ish lb adult

Patty Goldendoodle Autism Dog Spokane Dogology NW


SOLD – I’m having such a wonderful time with my new family in Seattle, WA.

Breed: F1B Goldendoodle will be 55+ lbs adult size

Bubbles Mini Parti Goldendoodle Service Dog ESA Therapy or Autism dog


SOLD – I’m running and playing and having a wonderful time with my new family in Sammamish, WA.

Breed: F1 Mini Parti Goldendoodle, 20ish lb when adult.

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