Hello friends, and friends of friends, and random strangers who have helped us raise the money we needed for Clara’s dog, Chester. I just wanted to give an update on how things have been after the newness and excitement has worn off. This dog has been an absolute God-send. I’m convinced every day that our God heard my desperation as a parent needing comfort for her baby. Chester not only follows Clara around throughout the day, he checks on Theodore and plays with Talia, he’s also bonded with both Aaron and I. 

I have slept through the night almost every single night since we got him, because Clara is calm and sleeping! This is such a huge change in our lives, I’m not even sure how to describe it, except to say that Clara is awake and cheerful when I come to get her in the morning! At 7:30 am she is playing in her room with Chester, whereas before I would have to peel her out of her bed and she’d be a cranky monster all day. More often than not now, Clara is asleep before I go to bed, and that was not the case for most of her 6 years. I’m just in awe of how this all came together. We still have 1/2 his cost to raise, a new charitable organization has offered to raise it for us, but they are planning an event in June to cover the rest of Chester’s price tag.
I know this is long, but we can’t thank each one of you enough for sharing our story and helping us get this incredible
puppy for our girl.

Clara with Chester

Spokane Valley, WA

Happy dog owner

Mary and her staff at Dogology NW truly care about their furry and human customers. They were so in tune with our needs and planned a spectacular board and train program to help us have the dog of our dreams!


Orange, CA

We have a very hyper mini goldendoodle and we were at our wits end. Mary came and helped us learn the boundaries he needed to be a happier pup, and us happier owners. She also helped us treadmill train our high energy pup. I’m super impressed and happy with the lessons taught and the constant availability of Mary to help with follow up questions.

Natalie & Joyce

Tampa, FL

I love my dog, Boxter. He’s the most amazing buddy a guy could ask for BUT the barking was driving me nuts. I was skeptical – one visit! Well, Mary not only fixed the barking issue but helped out with a few other things: chewing and anxiety. Baxter was great before. Now, he is perfect!


Spokane Valley, WA

dog parents

Mary worked miracles with our dog – no more barking at bikes, other dogs, motorcycles. She saw a rabbit and needed only a very light reminder. New behaviors for both her and us. We highly recommend Dogology NW.  Mary really knows dog psychology and taught us too – how to think like our dog needs us to think, how to maintain low key, and how we need to maintain our alpha leadership!

Deborah & Ken

Denver, CO

man carrying his puppy

We love our puppy from Dogology NW! Mo is so well trained after only 2 weeks of training. We had never considered a dog before but it seemed a really good thing for our 12-year old who is adopted and struggling. Mo is sweet and has slept all night in his kennel from the beginning. He responds to basic commands and although we were trained for a short time, Mary was so helpful and we have been able to continue training. Love this pup! Dogology NW was the only way to go.

Elise & Bob

Dearborn, MI

dog owner kissing her jack russell

I found my perfect puppy! I had to put my last dog down, and was determined NOT to get a puppy. Emma is no ordinary puppy! She follows commands, when I ask properly! The lifetime commitment for support  and dog training lets me know that the commitment Mary makes with her dogs and clients is truly solid. I hope to use her in future to visit elderly Veterans. THANK YOU MARY! Dream came true.


Spokane, WA

We have the foundation now to move forward. Mary is making herself available as needed to help me continue. She has totally transformed him into being relaxed and respectful. Thank you


Costa Mesa, CA

Presley has learned so much from his two weeks at DogologyNW! He has improved SO much. Mary broke down the new rules so they were simple for us to understand and she is also happy to help as we continue to practice moving forward. Our new skills are going to make him and us so much happier! Thank you so much!


Phoenix, AZ

Max wasn’t great on a leash. He’d yank and pull me all over the place. I do cross country and I can’t have my dog pulling me. So I called Dogology NW and now, Max runs right by my side with no effort.


Post Falls, ID

Restore peace to your home today.

Have the dog of your dreams!

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